Budget trekking survival courseBudget Trekking Survival Course near Phuket

Paddle Asia offers a variety of combination jungle survival courses and trekking trips in Thailand. One of our jungle survival courses takes place in Khao Sok National Park. This course combines jungle survival with kayaking and wildlife-spotting.

However, for more budget-minded travelers who also want a shorter trip, a trip that is closer to Phuket (much less travel time), and one that costs less, Paddle Asia offers a variety of jungle survival and trekking combination trips in beautiful Phang Nga Province. Just one hour north of Phuket, this area is not at all 'touristy'.

Choose any length of trip from two, three, four or more days. There is certainly enough to fill a week or more.

The jungle in Phang Nga Province is as good as any jungle in Thailand! There is still plenty of old-growth jungle with massive trees, gorgeous waterfalls, seemingly endless trails, authentic Thai cultural interaction, and very diverse flora and fauna in Phang Nga Province.

Wild edible plants are bountiful and common.

Our philosophy is to have as little impact as possible and this is how we teach our survival courses as well. You will learn how to prioritize when in survival situations. In this type of jungle, there is no need to search beyond the plant kingdom for food. It is readily available and doesn't run away or bite you if you wound it. Your number one priority is water. Protein is way down the list of importance.

wild edible fruit Salacca Palm
Lagam, Salacca Palm fruit
wild edible food ginger
Wild Ginger
Wild edible fruit Thailand
Ma Fai, Baccaurea Ramiflora
Thailand wild edible fruit
Luk Wai, Salacca Palm family

Customized trekking survival trips

You can choose from a variety of multi-day trips that are either very easy or really challenging. The easy trips are suitable for youngsters. As the intensity goes up, the age requirement does too. Having said that, hearty youngsters can be assessed on multi-day trips and if judged to be responsible and safety conscious, able to participate in the more challenging routes.

For those who know they want to be challenged, you can ascend some mountains with us, blaze trails, forge creeks, and scramble on rocks.

If you want a trekking trip with a sprinkling of jungle survival tossed in, perhaps in the form of eating wild edible plants along the trails, that is available. If you want to focus on survival skills with the hiking being secondary, that is also available.

Local Specialist Thai Guides

Paddle Asia employs very friendly and knowledgeable local Thai guides who specialize in specific areas in Phang Nga Province. Each guide, in other words, is from the immediate area. It is a huge part of our goals to share with the folks who care for their piece of paradise. All of the guides sincerely care for and feel responsible for their jungle.

Some do limited foraging and hunting for food as they are almost all of very modest means. However, they understand the value of their jungle and the need for sustainability.

So, if you are looking for something very different to do on your holiday and want to have both a positive impact on the local community while you learn and have fun, join us for an unforgettable experience in Phang Nga Province. Contact us and tell us exactly what you want.

Phang Nga waterfall.

Click here to see a Phang Nga Province image gallery.

Read a former guest's comments on jungle trekking in Phang Nga Province.

Thailand Wilderness Survival Training

Our mission with this wilderness jungle survival training is to help you build the confidence to stay calm if you ever find yourself lost. You should be able to analyze your situation and figure out the best course of action. Tap into some primitive survival skills that you didn't realize you posessed. Fighting the emotional response to allow the logical mind to work is paramount.

Alternative Jungle Survival Destination

You can choose from Khao Sok National Park or Phang Nga Province. Khao Sok is only recommended if seeing wildlife is a high priority. The jungle in Phang Nga Province is just as good.

Check out our Coastal survival course held on a small island in stunning Phang Nga Bay.

Bushcraft courses are available for those who prefer to learn traditional wilderness living skills.

Here is a BBC jungle survival show that I did in February of 2014.

Certification in Paddlesports and First Aid

Dave is a British Canoe Union Level 2 Coach (trained to Level 3) and is the most experienced paddler in all of Southern Thailand.

Dave is an Emergency First Response Instructor and a certified rescue technician through the Rescue 3 International organization. Dave is also a certified Life Guard through the British Canoe Union. View certifications. Paddle Asia guides are EFR certified in CPR, First Aid, and basic life guard training.

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Guest CommentThree day Jungle Trekking experience with Dave Williams of Paddle Asia

Day one involved a steep climb up a mountain to a forested ridge on top led by a local guide & accompanied by two of Dave's trusted Thai scouts. Along the way Dave introduced me to many species of edible plants & I was pleasantly surprised to realise just how many jungle plants can be eaten or utilised in a survival situation. The discovery of a large bunch of ripe Salacca Palm fruit half-way up the ascent made for a refreshing break, & suitably recharged we hauled ourselves up to the ridge where we found a place to have lunch. After a trek along the ridge we had just started our descent when the heavens opened like a waterfall. Great care had to be taken as the going got slippery underfoot, but we all made it down safely in what had turned from a hike into a real adventure!

Day two started in an area around Phang Nga Town with dramatic topography. Sheer vertical limestone cliffs rose majestically out of the dense jungle canopy with breath-taking stalactites, metres thick, dripping down into massive mounds of flowstone & stalacmites along the trail. Intriguing entrances to the cave systems that pock-marked the base of the cliffs added to the spectacle, inviting perhaps another day of exploration in itself.

Another climb into the jungle was not as punishing as the day before & was accompanied by Dave's expert knowledge of plants, and of course some tasting! The sun smiled on us all day & a descent down into a river was followed by lunch in a scenic spot & a relatively easy hike back to the start point.

Day three was a trek up a waterfall which started out with trepidation as the weather report did not look favourable. However we were all glad to have gone ahead because it turned out to be an absolutely stunning trek. Although it was a climb for advanced trekkers only, the going was made easier by the addition of rudimentary steps & strategically placed logs by locals.

The vision of awe-inspiring waterfalls was well worth the treacherous climb & this was no doubt the best day of the three for sheer natural beauty & the rewards of technical trekking. After a spot of lunch about halfway up the falls, we made a descent deviating from the water course through the jungle.

With no natural path, a 30 degree gradient & rocks tumbling out beneath our feet, this was the hairiest section yet, but I did not feel in any danger under the care of the guides & Dave’s expert supervision – as previous satisfied customers have commented - "Trust Dave!"

All in all, a challenging & very rewarding experience & one I would not hesitate to jump at again. When's the next Trek Dave?

Matt Tillyer

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