Phuket Thailand Bushcraft Courses

Thailand Bushcraft is not only about surviving, but flourishing in the natural jungle of Southern Thailand with the help of a few tools.

This is the perfect family vacation too. We love teaching bushcraft skills to kids.

Bamboo saw friction fire.Our bushcraft courses differ from our jungle survival courses in that we take tools such as knives, containers, cooking implements, rope, and other camping gear into the wilderness.

Check out this video of a jungle knife.

Thriving in the tropical jungles of Southern Thailand involves the possession of ancient, aboriginal skills and knowledge. Thai people have lived off of the jungle for eons and many, to this day, still do to a large degree. Their knowledge of edible and medicinal plants is very inspiring.

Our bushcraft course includes methods for obtaining and carrying water, making fire (here is a video showing one way to make a fire), shelter building, foraging for food, building various traps, fishing using of tools such as knives, traditional Thai jungle knives (in lieu of an axe or machete), modern cordage, cooking gear and other slightly modern instruments.

In addition, the course involves making containers from natural materials, making rope, choosing and making a camp site, starting and building fires using various friction methods, navigation, plus a lot more.

Fishtail Palm tender.With a minimalistic approach, you will learn what is useful and what is truly unnecessary to take with you.

Of course, a true survivalist can survive with almost nothing, bushcraft assumes that you meant to stay out in the wilds for a little bit longer and planned accordingly.

Click here to see survival kit suggestions.

You will learn what to take on your next backpacking, paddling, fishing, or backcountry trip, just in case you find yourself 'slightly' lost.

The course covers most of what is included in our very popular jungle survival course.

We always include information on wild edible plants, medicinal plants, and wild fruit as they are plentiful here and most of them are very tasty.

Bushcraft Training Psychology

The resin from one of the many Dipterocarp trees in Thailand makes both a nice candle with a pleasant fragrance and it can be used as an emergency glue/sealant.Besides the hands-on skills training, bushcraft involves awareness of the surroundings to a level that enable you to understand Mother Nature in a more indigenous and logical manner.

Being able to relax in urgent or desperate situations is the hallmark of a competent survivor or skilled bushcraft person.

One of the most impressive aspects of being skilled at bushcraft is that whenever you enter the jungle, your expertise goes with you. Peace of mind and the accompanying ability to use your rational mind means efficient use of the natural resources provided.

Khao Sok Bushcraft and Jungle Survival Destination

You can choose between Khao Sok National Park or Phang Nga Province. Khao Sok is a popular tourist attraction. It is not easy logistically-speaking and it costs more that Phang Nga Province. However, Khao Sok has a lot of wildlife and is one of the nicest national parks in South East Asia.

Check out our Khao Sok course prices

Phang Nga Province near Phuket

Our survival and/or bushcraft courses in Phang Nga Province costs less due to logistics. It is closer to Phuket.  The jungle is just as nice, but there isn't a huge reservoir.  There are some stunning creeks and rivers though.

Check out our Phang Nga Province course prices


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Highly recommended reading - Deep Survival, Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why by Laurence Gonzales. This book deals primarily with the psychology of survival with plenty of real-life stories. It points out certain (often repeated) patterns in many failed survival attempts and how these patterns of failure can be avoided.

My friend Cody Lundin is a master at primitive living skills, wilderness living and survival skills. His Aboriginal Living Skills School is a must for all who are interested in training and learning survival techniques to use in the modern world. Cody proves that ancient skills are still applicable.

Cody also believes in sustainable living and his philosophy shines through with his incredible self-reliant home.

Cody is the author of two best-sellers: When All Hell Breaks Loose: Stuff You Need To Survive When Disaster Strikes and 98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive!

Dave and Cody were the 'stars' of The Discovery Channel's Dual Survival program, one of the best survival shows to ever air on TV. The new series has a guy named Joe who isn't nearly as good.

Certification in Paddlesports and First Aid

Dave is a British Canoe Union Level 2 Coach (trained to Level 3) and is the most experienced paddler in all of Southern Thailand.

Dave is an Emergency First Response Instructor and a certified rescue technician through the Rescue 3 International organization. Dave is also a certified Life Guard through the British Canoe Union. View certifications. Paddle Asia guides are EFR certified in CPR, First Aid, and basic life guard training.

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