Hiking Trails in Khao Sok National Park

Hiking in Khao Sok is a great way to see the tropical jungle and the amazing small creatures of this part of the world. There are basically two hiking trails that all of the other tour companies use in Khao Sok. We go there too as they are amazing trekking trails. We also have a lot our own hiking trails as we prefer to see nature in small groups, at an intimate level.

Level: very easy

Khao Sok hiking trails information

Season: all year
Pros: abundant wildlife, stunning limestone formations, hiking, and caves
Con: The privately owned floating bungalows can be very noisy. Other tour operators also use these bungalows.

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Hiking and Trekking

Huge dipterocarp trees and other emergent trees form a very high canopy. Hiking through the jungle on trails of off trail allow you to see their massive tree trunks and buttress root systems.

Khao Sok Hiking Trails information

We hike trails that vary from very easy to mildly strenuous. There are creekbeds with slippery rocks as well as very flat terrain with open woodland. We have hikes that take about three to four hours. We also offer hikes that take most of the day to complete. Tell us what sort of a hike you want and we'll make it happen.

Nam Thalu Cave

Nam Thalu Cave (or Nam Taloo) offers you a chance to see unique cave creatures. This cave trek takes about three hours to complete. The trail follows a lovely creek. It eventually reaches a large entrance to the cave system. The creek flows through the cave and you'll be in shallow water for a while, then deeper water.

Once you reach the mouth of the Nam Talu cave, you put all of your gear into dry bags as the cave has a river running through it. Note: we do not go into this cave if it is raining. Before actually entering the cave, we will show you some big honey combs that are located very high up on a limestone cliff.

The first half-hour worth of cave is very volumous. The ceiling is high and there are no tight spots. You will see some incredible cave creatures such as spiders (not dangerous), crickets, whip scorpions (not dangerous), cave catfish, frogs and toads.Nam Talu Cave

Once you reach a certain area, the cave gets more narrow. This increases the speed of the water, but again, we only go in when it's safe to do so. There are some slightly tricky sections. Ropes have been placed in these areas to help you get through safely.

There are two short stretches where you will be in deeper water. Just relax and enjoy the cool water and the uniqueness of the experience.

Shortly after that, you'll emerge from your adventure, feeling like you accomplished something special... which you did!

A short walk puts you back on the same trail that you were on earlier, but much closer to the start of the trek.

All in all, this is a wonderful and exciting experience that will leave you feeling very satisfied and happy.

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This is a very popular trek with day trippers from the river area of Khoa Sok. We do our best to avoid seeing other tour groups.

WARNING: Be aware of budget tour operators who don't put safety as their top priority. People have died in this cave! Do NOT enter this cave if it's raining. If your guide does not carry a comprehensive first aid kit, spare flashlights, spare batteries and doesn't stay with the group at all times, do not enter the cave.

Viewpoint adventure hike

One of the more popular excursions in Khao Sok National Park is a viewpoint. The trail to this viewpoint is steadily going up, but it's fairly easy and the footing is generally good. It does get a bit slippery when it's wet, but there are trees to grab to assist yourself.

The trail up takes about an hour to climb. It is steadily going up. There are some flat-ish stretches, but for the most part you'll be going up. You can take breaks.

As with everywhere else in the park, there are plenty of interesting plants, insects, birds and sometimes animals to see. If you're into macro photography, there are lots of opportunities for close-up shots.

Once you get near the top, the trail changes from mostly hard clay to very sharp rock! Care must be taken on this section of the trail.

The reward for putting out the energy to get to the top is a view of Cheow Lan Reservoir. At times, we've had Great Hornbills fly across in front of us... at eye level! Sometimes we heard the strange whooping calls of the White-handed Gibbon (Hylobate Lars) below us.

Even if you don't see any of these wonderful creatures, the view alone is worth the effort.

Click here to see an image gallery taken from the Viewpoint.

Creek Hiking Trails

If you're into a bit more into hiking in the tropical jungle than paddling or if you would simply like to mix it up a bit, we have a lot of beautiful creek hikes to offer you.

Creeks are a comfortable and scenic way to venture deep into the otherwise thick jungle. You also have the wonderful option of going for a swim if you get a bit hot... that is always a treat.

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