Photos of Butterflies & Months of Southern Thailand

Few living things in Southern Thailand can rival the beauty of the many species of butterflies and moths. Plus, they're everywhere. From Khao Sok Naitonal Park, to Khao Nor Chuchi, to the smaller parks and the islands.

It is common to come upon a group of mixed species of butterflies on the ground. In most cases, they're after the salt or other minerals left in the dried urine of animals. Of course, the many species of flowers that decorate the Kingdom are also a wonderful places for butterfly and moth encounters.

Two very easy places to see butterflies is Raman Forest Park and Manora Forest Park in Phang Nga Province. For some wonderful reason, butterflies are extremely common here.

Butterflies and moths vary in size from the tiniest to the massive Atlas Moth. They're all interesting.

1. Ideopsis similis (family: Nymphalidae), sometimes called "Blue Glassy Tiger", male; common, widespread Asian relative of the Monarch butterfly.

2. Same as #1.

3. Lyssa zampa (Uraniidae), no common name; not a butterfly, but a moth; nocturnal but often flushed from vegetation by people walking through the forest.

4. Lexias dirtea (Nymphalidae), often called "Archduke", male.

5. Pachliopta coon (Papilionidae), "Common clubtail", male; many subspecies; ranges form NE India though the Malay Peninsula.

Same as #4.

7. Euploea mulciber (Nymphalidae), "Striped blue crow", male; another common Asian relative of the Monarch.

8. Anagnia sp. (Arctiidae), a moth with no common name.

9. Attacus atlas (Saturniidae), "Atlas Moth", male; common silk moth throughout tropical and subtropical Asia.

This bizzare creature is the chrysalis for the Common Crow Butterfly.

Tufted Jungleking Thauria aliris from the family Nymphalidae.

? This stunning moth was found in a mangrove forest in Phang Nga Bay. It has clear 'panes' within its wings.

Scientific names, common names and additional info provided by Dr. Jason Weintraub of Philadelphia's Academy of Natural Sciences and Mr. Ted Lewis of Philadelphia. Tufted Jungleking image name compliment of Robert Rosa of Poland.

All photos are copyright and taken by JP Bennett and Dave Williams.

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