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General Wildlife & SceneryBirds | Reptiles | Elephants

General Wildlife & SceneryBirds | Reptiles | Elephants

Reptiles Gallery

Khao Sok National Park offer incredible wildlife sightings. Kayaking in Khao Sok is the absolute best and easiest way to see wildlife. Trekking is a bit more strenuous and offers less opportunities to see wildlife. We do offer trekking as part of our tours. You'll get right next to the natural wonders.

We normally see monitor lizards in the dead trees in the water. Right after it rains, they come out to warm up. It's very easy to paddle right up to them.

When hiking through the jungle, we often see agamid lizards. You have to be sharp as they are not easy to see. You can walk right past one if you're not careful. Snakes are also not easy to spot.

General Wildlife & SceneryBirds | Reptiles | Elephants

Elephants Gallery

One of the more popular beautiful things you can see in Khao Sok National Park is a wild elephant. Elephants, though thought to be an image of Thailand are often severly mistreated. It's heartbreaking to realize how many elephant suffer just so tourists can sit on their backs. We are vehemently opposed to elephant trekking camps as they are not doing anything to help the elephants in most cases. It's a booming business and if most tourists actually realized what these wonderful beasts went through, they'd think again about riding on their backs. Please, if you want to help the elephants do some research first. There are many reputable elephant conservation programs and outfits that allow you to bathe, feed and take care of the elephants. This is much more rewarding that merely riding on their backs.

It is not unusual to see wild elephants in Khao Sok National Park in the reservoir area. On some of our more rugged trekking trails we see evidence of them and it's pretty impressive seeing what they're capable of climbing up and down.

The last 4 elephant images below were taken in August of 2009. These elephants played in the water and seemed completely oblivious to us watching. In both 2008 and 2009, elephant sightings were common. They tend to stay in one region as long as there is food. Once the food supply is depleted, they move on and come back once the food has regrown. We saw elephants on almost every tour over the past two years!

General Wildlife & SceneryBirds | Reptiles | Elephants

Birds Gallery

General Wildlife & SceneryBirds | Reptiles | Elephants

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