Safety & Educational Certifications

Besides the international certification listed below, I (Dave) train Paddle Asia guides regularly and update them on new procedures as I learn about them.

Kayaking is a lifestyle and a passion for us, not just a job. I (Dave) started paddling in 1978.

What is the difference between being certified and being certified with over four decades of experience?

  The difference is huge. Experienced paddlers, especially hardcore paddlers, have been there and done that. They've been in actual situations where first aid comes into play and where actual rescues have been accomplished. Have you actually administered CPR to a friend? I have. I never want to do that again, but I did it and remained calm as I was trained. Certificates can be acquired through rather brief training, but that will never replace on-the-job training in real-life situations.

I'm not saying that certification isn't worth having... I'm not saying that at all, but what I'm trying to get across is that having only a certificate and no experience is not the same as having both.

Dave is also a certified Rescue 3 International (whitewater/swiftwater) rescue technician. This course included more first aid training, emergency situation management and the efficient use of rescue equipment.

Run is certified by Emergency First Response certificate for first aid and CPR

This is from an extensive British first aid course given in Singapore, not merely from a local Thai hospital. The level of instruction was way above that of any offered locally. Having taken several 'local' first aid courses and not being satisfied, I (Dave) decided that I needed more and something that was more appropriate for what we do. This ITC First Aid Course was geared towards outdoor and expedition first aid.

Above is another workshop that stressed safety, first aid, risk assessments and adventurous skills useful for dealing with school groups.

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