Phang Nga Province hiking and jungle survival tours near Phuket

Paddle Asia offers hiking and jungle survival courses in Phang Nga Province. This is just an hour north of Phuket.  

The tropical jungle in Phang Nga Province is just as impressive as the jungle in Khao Sok National Park. There is also quite a bit of wildlife in Phang Nga Province. Though there are less big mammals, there is a very impressive variety of birds, reptiles, and smaller animals. There is also a lot of wild edible fruit in this region.

Paddle Asia offers a variety of hiking routes. You can choose your level of difficulty from very easy to quite challenging.

During the dry season (November through early April) we offer a camping option. There is the option to stay in quiet accommodations in Phang Nga Town all year. Town is not touristy. There are some wonderful dining options in town too. This is authentic southern Thailand.

Phang Nga Province is a great substitute for Khao Sok National Park if you are on a budget, don't particularly want to travel so far, want to explore an area of jungle that very few other visitors get to experience, if you want to camp, if you want to visit a non-touristy Thai town, and/or just want to have a unique experience.

Each tour can be customized. So, if you want to focus on hiking, that's what you get. If you want to focus on jungle survival, that's fine. If you want a mixture, you get that.

As with all Paddle Asia tours, we have a minimum of two participants and our maximum is eight (unless you're coming together as a bigger group). Most tours are 2 to 4 participants.

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Hiking in Phang Nga Province can be added to your Khao Sok National Park adventure. 

Coastal Survival Skill one day course

We are now offering a one day coastal survival course on lovely Koh Yao Noi in stunning Phang Nga Bay. You will learn some of the fundamentals of coastal survival, which also applies to jungle survival. This is a wonderful introductory course designed for those who have limited time or who are on a budget.

For those who like struggle, we offer that too.

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