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We don't just do these listed trips. If you want a custom tour, please contact us for pricing details.

Substantial discounts available for bookings of 3 or more during the pandemic.

If you're interested in any of these tours or in setting up your own custom tour, please contact us.

Family discounts are available.

Discounts available for large group bookings.

Note: Joining an existing group doesn't not give the group a discount, only joining as a group generates a discount.

Tour and duration
Price per person in Thai Baht.
Two guests minimum.
Single guests can join
existing tours.
Kayaking Tours
Phang Nga Bay day tour
Phang Nga Bay 2 day tour
Phang Nga Bay 3 day tour
Phang Nga Bay 4 day tour
Phang Nga Bay 5 day tour
Phang Nga Bay 6 day tour
Khao Sok National Park 3 day tour *
Khao Sok National Park 4 day tour *
Khao Sok National Park 5 day tour *
* Note: 2-person only Khao Sok
           trips add 20%

Phang Nga Province Hiking and/or Jungle Survival / Bushcraft Tours
Multi-day tours
Coastal Survival Course (4 person minimum)
Survival Course in
Phang Nga Bay 2 days
Jungle Survival or Bushcraft Courses in Khao Sok
Jungle Survival Course in
Khao Sok National Park 3 days
Jungle Survival Course in
Khao Sok National Park 4 days
Note: 2-person only Khao Sok
        courses add 20%
Mountain Biking Day Trip
Koh Yao Noi Mountain Biking
  • All prices are based on twin share basic room. No accommodations included on one day trips.
  • Phang Nga Bay single person supplement is 1,400 Baht per night. Solo travelers don't have to pay the single supplement.
  • Khao Sok cheaper accommodations are available. Please contact us for options.
  • Khao Sok single supplement 1,600 Baht per night. Solo travelers don't have to pay the single supplement.
  • Khao Sok two-person trips cost 20% extra. In other words, if only two guests are on a trip, there is a 20% supplemental fee. If at least one more person joins, that fee is waived
  • Add 20% for a private tour. Private tours are private only if you ask them to be private.
  • One child 12 years or younger is half price. This one child is per pair of adults (must be parents of the child).
  • One parent and one child bookings are treated as two adults.

The prices and information above are not contractual. Please contact us directly to finalize any agreement. Exploratory trips are priced according to our research prior to the trip.


Paddle Asia tours are where price and quality meet

Consider this...

Our guides are the most highly skilled and certified kayaking guides in Southern Thailand. Dave is also a British Canoe Union Level 2 Coach and is level 3 trained. In addition, Dave is a certified BCU lifeguard, an Emergency First Response Instructor, certified in first aid by ITC and is a certified technician in Rescue 3 International.

So, instead of applying for meaningless tourism awards, we spend our time honing our outdoor-related skills and learning all we can about safety.

Dave is the most experienced paddler in Southern Thailand.

Great trips Thailand We have a fleet of very high quality traditional kayaks. We don't use cheap sit-on-top boats like our competitors. We are real kayakers - we use real kayaks.

In order to have enough boats to be able to fit each tour guest with a kayak that suits her/his body size, we have to have a large variety of styles and sizes. Our paddles are also high quality.

We are an expedition company. We are not in the day trip business. We do them on request. Therefore, we don't have daily income. It would be considered 'selling out' if we resorted to running a day trip just so we'd have steady money coming in. Doing the same thing day after day gets to you after a while. Your enthusiasm naturally dwindles. It becomes a 'job' and that's a bad word at Paddle Asia!

We look forward to each and every trip. Small group trips always cost a bit more. That's the price of not being around hordes of other tourists. We specialize in getting away from other tours. Each trip is unique. All you have to do is pay a bit more.

How can our tour leaders and guides get tired of doing something differently almost every time? We have regular meeting to get feedback from our team members to make sure they are still enjoying each destination. So, you get happy guides and tour leaders who love what they do. That's worth a lot!

We run small group, top-notch memorable tours. That's why a large percentage of our business comes from return clients/friends. Join us on one of our one-of-a-kind tours and you'll see what we mean.

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