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Thailand mountaineeringPaddle Asia is constantly on the lookout for new and exciting adventures. We have initiated the first tropical mountaineering in Southern Thailand.

There are a many mountains in the south that are just waiting to be explored. Forget about frostbite and altitude sickness. With a bit of sweat, you can reach the summit of these tropical mountains. No rock climbing experience is necessary. All you need is to be reasonably fit and you’ll need a sense of adventure. To reach the tops of some of the mountains, you’ll need to be more fit.

This is a relatively new program for Paddle Asia. We have dreamed of offering trips to the tops of some of the mountains of Khao Sok National Park for quite some time. We recently had the pleasure of climbing our first tropical mountain. The approach was pretty easy. It is actually a hike we do sometimes. I knew that if we pressed on, we would eventually arrive at the base of a mountain I’ve been drooling over. So, with our handy Thai machete and a bag of brightly colored string to mark out route, we took off to points further up.


Climb a Mountain in Thailand

Traditional mountain climbing involves a good bit of suffering and hardship. There is the ever present threat of frostbite and altitude sickness. Our programs will be reasonably comfortable and most assuredly a very memorable experience. We offer a variety of climbs and each has its difficulties.

Contact us to find out more about the possibilities of becoming one of the first to attain a tropical mountain in lovely Southern Thailand!

Thailand Mountain Climbing Rating System

Hiking - The route steepness varies and there is a trail. There could be some use of hands. This is suitable for most fitness levels.

Scramble - This is an easy to moderate climb often requiring hand-holds and proper foot placement is necessary. Ropes and gear may be required.

Basic Climbing - Requires moderate fitness and some climbing skills. Ropes and protection is needed to safely reach the summit. There is likely going to be some vertical climbing, though the vertical sections won't be lengthy.

Technical Climbing - Requires a phyical fitness level that is higher than the basic climbing level. Experience is often needed, but not an absolute must. Physically fit persons can participate on certain routes. Some routes require technical rock climbing skills in addition to being fit. Evacuation could be difficult if an injury occurs.

Mountain Climbing Expedition - These are multi-day trips requiring jungle camping and some hardship. Participants need to be fit enough to carry a backpack over long and steep distances. There could be very technical section or not. Evacuation is difficult due to the remoteness of the climb. Expeditions are, arguably, the most rewarding form of climbing.

If you are an experienced climber and would like to know the American Rating System rating or the IFAS rating of any particular route, simply contact us.

Here are some tropical mountaineering pictures to wet your appetite.

Thailand mountain climbing Khao Sok mountaineering  mountain climbing summit Thailand mountain trekking

The internationally popular sport of mountaineering is available in Southern Thailand with Paddle Asia.
We are the only ones who do what we do!

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